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Ariel Garagorri

artisanal jewelry

Welcome into my World


A magical world, rich of satisfactions gained from hard work, precision and carefulness. Realizing fine jewelry is not a matter for everybody. This is not a job but an art that is passed down through the mainstream of time and that matures with the flow of the years, in the same way of wine. Any difficulty, obstacle or unexpected trouble must be overcome in order to reach a marvellous outcome.

Obviously perfection does not exist, but i constantly look for it in order to achieve an immaculate outcome. The difference is exactly that, a handmade article with an end in itself, no other piece of work is identical to it, an unique masterpiece that you can proudly show being aware that its maker has realized it for just one special person.

A world full of projects, some really easy and others more complex, outcomes of several months of hard work. Day after day absorbed in that creation stage that I use to call “magic”, because i wish it will never end.

Even today i am amazed by the fact that, from a raw metal and from a rough stone, something so unique and lovable may be created. At the end it is logical, an obvious explanation that could not be clearer than one single answer!

A memory, an anniversary or a love pledge cannot be a standard object, it must be the outcome of an analysis of the mood of the person that is requiring it, because the result must be the mirror of the soul that will wear it.

International prestige

In 2014 i was awarded with the “Honorable Mention Award Winner” prize for the design of the commissioned “Pagoda” jewel by Baselworld, the watchmaking and jewelry world exhibition.

Meetings that feed the passion

During my career, i had the chance to work for some worldwide prestigious companies and artists, with the possibility to express my creativity as best i can. These meetings have turned into sincere friendships that nowadays i nurture with deep fondness.

Astonishment and uniqueness

These are not simply jewels to wear, the glamour has no borders. Every occasion is worth to create something new and unique, sometimes it may be witty, other times it may be peculiar just to tickle the curiosity of several people.

Innovating is even this.

Ariel Garagorri

As a tailor tailors an amazing dress on the winding curves of a muse, the jeweler must be able to create a gorgeous masterpiece understanding and expressing the sensations belonging to the person who wishes it. This is turning into an artwork that will last forever.