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a metal that lasts unaltered through time

Platinum processing


Platinum is a rare metal, hard to find and to work, that is why it is denominated “new metal”, but it is more ancient than what everybody may believe. Some platinum fragments have been found in meteorites that crashed into our planet billions of years ago.

This metal has always seduced every single person who got in touch with it, from the ancient Egyptians to the pre-Columbian civilizations and, since the XVIII century, it started fascinating more and more sovereigns and rulers. This short foreword is necessary and deserved, because today this really precious metal, which was worth around more than the double of the gold value, is used not only in a jewellery store but in other fundamental fields for our well-being and our daily outliving.


Not everybody knows that platinum is used in several industrial fields (electrical, chemical, aeronautical), in the watchmaking branch and in the medical equipment construction one.

This metal is widely used due to its peculiar features: It remains unaltered when in touch with both air and most of the chemical agents; Furthermore, it is adopted due to its high-temperature endurance.

Within my atelier, we produce platinum parts for the industrial division. Some of the most important and worldwide-known companies commission us the production of small series of pieces for their final products.